I beg you to stay.


I always assume men who look good with girlfriends who aren’t up to their standards in appearance have small dicks, or some type of MAJOR insecurity. Which is more than likely their small dick.


You taste like a 1979 Shiraz.
You taste like the Berlin Wall coming down.
You taste like a powder keg
and honey, all I want to do is set you off.

You remind me of fir trees in the winter and
fir trees in the summer,

and that sweet pang right before a headache sets in:
you know you’re in for it.

I am so in for it.


♫I've got a bad disease,
Will no one help me please?
Not even you?♫

My hair is falling out. Of course tho, I always get blessed with these kinds of struggles. -_-

i will not be impressed with technology until i can print gifs and glue them all over my room